Hernandez Responds to Budget Address, Emphasizes the Need for Bold Leadership


SPRINGFIELD, Ill. – Today State Rep. Elizabeth “Lisa” Hernandez, D-Cicero, released the following statement in response to the Governor’s Budget Address:

“Today, the Governor delivered a budget address with no balanced budget proposal in sight. The Governor has, for the third consecutive year, failed to uphold his constitutional duty. We must address the needs and concerns of the residents in our communities because the future of our state is at risk if families and businesses continue to suffer. A balanced budget is necessary if we plan to create opportunities for working families. We have voted more than 15 times for a property tax freeze and have met the Governor half way by passing reforms to the workers’ compensation system. And yet, we have not received a balanced budget that would invest in our children’s education, look out for middle class families, keep our communities safe, and protect the most vulnerable.”

“Unfortunate current events throughout the country have made our communities uneasy, and we need to be reassured that the Governor supports all of the people who live in our state. Illinois is a diverse state that has always welcomed people from all around the world, and the Governor has yet to acknowledge support for legislation like HB 426 which would extend protections to immigrants. We need the leadership of this state to take a strong stance on behalf of all immigrants residing in Illinois. Vital immigrant integration services have been greatly affected by the state’s budget crisis and we need to make sure that the public safety of all residents in our state is a priority.”

“Compromise is necessary to solve the state’s problems, but the Governor cannot continue to use persons with disabilities, the elderly, and children as bargaining chips in exchange to cut wages, and strip away protections for workers. We can help working families while passing legislation that allows businesses to grow and expand our economy. By increasing the Earned Income Tax Credit, working families would be able to keep more of what they earn. Businesses could be incentivized to create new jobs here in Illinois by reinstating the EDGE tax credit. I urge the Governor to use his authority to encourage people who are here raising families and contributing to our state, that in difficult times they are not alone because we will stand together to protect them.”

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