06 09 Fellowships for University-Based Doctoral Candidates and Faculty for Research in Child Maltreatment
Purpose: to identify, develop, and empower a new generation of scholars who will use their research to generate new knowledge in child maltreatment and will pursue careers in child abuse and neglect research and evaluation and will provide funds for fellowships in blocks to eligible institutions to support doctoral candidates who demonstrate a strong commitment to the study of child maltreatment, and faculty who will conduct research on critical issues in child abuse prevention and treatment and provide mentorship to the emerging scholars.

Eligibility: Accredited public, state-controlled, and private institutions of higher education acting on behalf of the faculty mentor and doctoral-level graduate students; and research foundations that are affiliated with an accredited institution of higher learning.

Funding: $800,000

Deadline: 6/9/14

Contact: E-mail:app_support@acf.hhs.gov